Small Pet Memorial Markers

These small markers are perfect for honoring the memory of your smaller pets or if you just want a simple, attractive, yet affordable marker for any pet. They measure 1.5" wide, 3/8" thick, and will be a minimum of 13" tall, but can be made longer if necessary.
The lettering and designs on the markers constructed with the cream colored clay can be done in the colors shown here. The lettering on markers constructed using the TAN clay must be brown.

The markers featuring just the name are priced at $12. Each additional element,(design at the top or single year line), is a $3 extra charge. Prices shown with these photos are for that specific marker.

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BLACK lettering ($12)
with heart & year ($18)
with paw print and two year
lines ($21)

GOLD lettering
with heart & year ($18)

Gold and GREEN lettering ($12)

BROWN Lettering ($12)
with blue heart ($15)

PINK Lettering ($18)
with pink paw print ($15)

BLUE lettering ($12)

lettering ($12)

RED lettering with heart ($15)

PURPLE lettering with heart ($15)

   The photos below feature the designs that are available. The color of the design, as well as the lettering is up to you. Each can be a different color.



BONE ($3)

CROSS ($3)

KITTY ($3)

STAR ($3)