Purchase Options

There are several options for making a purchase.

- You can click on this Etsy.com link to purchase any of my items at my Etsy shop, BakemanArt.

- The Purchase A Pet Memorial   and Purchase A House Number Plaque pages on this site allow you to buy any standard variation of my pet memorials and house number plaques and send a payment to me through PayPal by using the "Add to Cart" button. You then pay using your PayPal account OR by providing address information and checking out using a credit card or echeck as a guest. 

The following options must be used if you are requesting something other than a standard item that cannot be purchased from my website purchase pages, at Etsy, or when extra charges are necessary for the custom work. I can be emailed at:   

- You email me all the information concerning the item you wish to purchase, plus your zip code so I can figure the exact shipping charge, and I will send a PayPal link to your email address so you can make the payment. You do not need to have a PayPal account and can pay as a guest with a credit card or echeck. You can also request to pay with ZELLE.

- You send me the item info and your zip code and request to pay by personal check or money order. I send you a price quote and payment instructions. You then reply to this email that the price is OK and that the payment will be sent. However, I will not construct the piece until the payment arrives and shipping will occur within 14 days after that.