Flat Pet Memorial Markers

These markers, designed to lay flat on the ground, can also be mounted on other surfaces such as wood or flat stones to be part of a larger memorial.  They measure 3" tall, 3/8" thick, and will be a minimum of 8" long. The exact length will be determined by the name and any optional features you may request. I normally add holes at each end so the marker can be locked in place by two 16d (3.5")nails that I will supply or so that it can be attached to another surface with screws.The nail heads are spray painted to match the color of the marker. You can request this marker without the holes. Listed as white, the color is not a pure snow white but a cream color or off-white.

The markers featuring only the name are priced at $20. Additional features such as designs on both sides of the name plate and/or lifespan, year, and date lines are an extra $5 charge for each.

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  Special note: Some images on this page are from an earlier design that was smaller. They are only used to show colors and designs.

PINK with red hearts ($25)
and purple hearts 
with no extra features ($20)

JADE with hearts/cats ($25)

BLACK ($20)
 and with hearts & year ($30)

GRAY with bones & lifespan ($30)

MED.BLUE with paw prints & lifespan ($30)

SKY BLUE with hearts & year ($30)

PURPLE with hearts ($25)

ALL WHITE with bones & lifespan ($30) Designs, numbers, and lettering can be done in any of the glaze colors seen on this page.

with hearts & year ($30)

BROWN with white trim and GOLD with white trim:
No photo currently available. See examples on "Large Pet Memorial Markers" page.

The STAR design for these markers can be seen on the "Small Markers" page.

The marker can be done without the white or tan border as seen below or can be done with a different colored border for no additional charge. (The name plate must be the clay color.) 

Using the holes provided in the piece, these markers can be attached to various flat surfaces such as wood, field stones, or paving stones with screws to create larger memorials.